Orange Tiny Terror
Orange Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

velvetunderground 10/10/2012

Orange Tiny Terror : velvetunderground's user review

«  Rrrrrr!! »

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15W lamps can be used in 7W

settings could not be more basic, which is not to displease me. It still lacks a little reverb (which will surely be my next purchase)


I use it with a small cabinet Vox Night Train with a Celestion Greenback

I was looking for something to replace my Vox AC-30, too powerful and too big: the volume is reasonable for the house, but can easily cover a drummer in rehearsal, and it weighs ... 7kg, finished pétages back at each concert.

This is definitely an amp simple: you plug it sounds. What else?


This amp is built for rock seventies, with a crunch / distortion down to Mark Bolan and Mick Ronson (guitar respectively T-Rex and Bowie period 70) would not be denied. When you drop a little gain on the intermediate positions of a strat gives sounds very interesting rhythm (listen to the rhythm at the end of the song "Fields of Joy" by Lenny Kravitz to give you an idea), with a little more acute, it is perfect for riffs "Stoniens" (try the riff of "Jumping Jack Flash" of stones or "Bohemian Like You" Dandy Warhols ... <3). Micro doubles, it approaches the sound of his lordship Jack White (I fan? Nooo :) ), moreover I saw that he used small heads in the same spirit on his last tour, everything that to say that riffs like "Sixteen Salteen" or "Tick Tick Boom" Hives are above ... Waooh!

For the rest, the big metal sounds are not strong point (it's good, I either do not like the metal), some dishes are clean, but acceptable. I think what is most lacking is a good reverb.

In two words: a lot of his character ... I personally looove!!


As I said, I wanted something light, not too strong but still enough to cover a drummer, and has the personality to replace my AC 30 (the series "Made in China" 2009 to be precise).

I have tried tons and tons of amps before buying the AC 15 Blues Junior through the Laney Lionheart (very good also, but a little over my budget and heavy) or Blackstar ... and I finally cracked this little head. Needless to say, the sound has nothing to do with AC 30 or what I wanted to begin with (except maybe the English side), but what fishing is rock'n'roll through Nail.

With a short week experience I remake this choice :)

I put 9 because only purchase a fuse burned out after 20 minutes of play, after the opinion of the seller, I changed it since everything is fine ... insha'allah!