Orange Tiny Terror
Orange Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

polishdog90 08/25/2011

Orange Tiny Terror : polishdog90's user review

« Beautiful grit »

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-Controls: Gain/Tone/Volume
-1.5 mm Zintec Chassis w/ Steel Vented Top Case
-Padded Gig Bag Included
-15 Watts 'Class A' / 7 Watts 'Class A' switchable
-Tubes: Preamp - 2 x 12AX7, Output 2 x EL84

Type - Tube
Number of Channels - 1
Power - 15W Class A
EQ - Tone
Amp Modeling - No
Number of Models - 0
Number of Tubes - 4
Preamp Tubes - 2 x 12AX7
Power Tubes - 2 x EL84
Inputs - 1 x Instrument
Outputs - 3 x TS
Height - 7"
Width - 11"
Depth - 5.5"
Weight - 15 lbs.


It is very easy to get great tone from this amp. The settings are simple enough: volume, tone, and gain. It seems pretty sturdy and comes with a carrying case to cape it safe while traveling.


I play a SG, Les Paul, Rick 360, Strat, and Tele through this amp depending on what tone I want. The amp sounds fantastic. Many people have said it is a one trick pony and it is. This pony does its trick VERY WELL. When this amp starts to break up it sounds fantastic. Awesome British crunch. It doesn't have much headroom so live cleans isn't really an option. I prefer fender cleans anyway. Because of this I run it A/B with a clean amp live.


For British crunch, this amp has fantastic tone. For the price, it's a (relatively) cheap way to get a grade A tube sound. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants to use it as a clean amp. If I were given the choice I might look into the Dark Terror now for its two channels but that wasn't out when I bought the Tiny Terror.