Orange Tiny Terror
Orange Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

crankyrayhanky 04/19/2012

Orange Tiny Terror : crankyrayhanky's user review


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This is a tube amp running on el84s. It has a 2 way switch to go from 7 to 15 watts. Settings are simple: volume, tone, gain. Cool carrying bag!


Super easy to dial in a great sound! The lack of controls and switches creates a super clean line that delivers Orange tone in spades. I never read the manual as the operation is totally intuitive.


I have guitars from Gibson, Epiphone, and Fender. They each sound fantastic, but my favorite is the Les Paul going into an MXR overdrive (little gain applied) right into the amp. I put this little head on a 4x12 and played lead guitar in a band where the rhythm player played his Peavey XXX. The XXX is known as a LOUD amp, but this 15 watt amp easily kept right up in practice volumes in a LOUD punk/hard roc band. Very impressive! I had an Egnater Tweaker and a Randall rm20 and this 15 watt terror was clearly more powerful. I guess 15 watts does not always equal 15watts? Clarity and unique Orange british tone is the drawing card on this amp.


I love the simple great tone of this small beast. throw a 57 on this and you have a great rock tone that cuts through the mix- live and in the studio. Here's a couple of tunes I used all Terror>Marshall 1960>(2) 57s>Roland vs2480

This tone is unique and may not be for everyone...but it definitely has the signature Orange mids and presents great clarity and articulation.
The value is great bang for your buck for Orange tone seekers. t is not a modern chainsaw machine, so people looking for the rectifier buzz should look elsewhere. There are no channel switching abilities, but using the guitar volume with a pedal boost will give a seasoned player lots of option on stage. Ideally, this amp is for the bedroom player who can carry his amp to practice on a NY subway.

Great sounds at low volumes, enough power to keep up in a loud band, and clear tone make this a great deal. if you need more gain in a metal band, or perhaps cleaner Fender-ish tones, this is not the amp. Straight ahead great rock sounds is the forte here.