Peavey 5150 II Head
Peavey 5150 II Head

5150 II Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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regspleen 09/15/2005

Peavey 5150 II Head : regspleen's user review


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-Two separate channels available pedalier
-LED on each channel
-Bright switch on rhythm channel (boost the treble frequencies)
Selector-crunch on the rhythm channel (function available pedalier)
-EQ on each channel separates
Controls, separate power amp (resonance and presence) for each channel
-Points of measurement bias of output tubes on the rear
Effects loop-controlled pedalier
Impedance Selector 4.8-or 16 ohm
Two output jacks, HP
-120 Watt
Metal-pedalboard with detachable cable


The config is really easy! One has only to turn to find his putters. Not even need to read the manual (download) to understand its subtleties. Just plug your guitar and roll youth!


I play mainly hard rock in the style of AC / DC, Deep Purple, Trust ... I offered him a head Peavey XXL 4x12 slant of 16 ohm. I play several guitars (Gibson SG, Jackson Musicman Steve Morse and PS2) and I find that respects each guitar amp and really different sounds depending on the guitar. I confess I do connect more than my Musicman Steve Morse because it has a beautifully rendered! For the multi-effect, I use the VOX Tonelab SE connected to the effects loop. There is a switch on the pedal to the amp by-pass completely the loop and is a very good idea. The only problem with this head is that the clean channel has the same settings as the crunch channel and, hence, we can not really get a clean sound and a perfect crunch to the perfect rhythm as well. We have to find a compromise between the two. The lead channel is, when to him, monstrous! The sound is simply sublime!


I use it for 3 months.
I love this feeling of power due to any lamp. In rehearsal, 'I used a Marshall half-light 150 W with audio at 8 and now I use the 5150 MK2 with the volume to 2.5 for the same power!
I tried a lot of head like Engl, Mesa, Fender, but I was looking for a specific sound.
The price is a bit much, but thanks to Guitar Studio in Lille, I could have it for a reasonable price.
With hindsight I have, I think I do it again the same choice as the possibilities are enormous!