Peavey 5150 II Head
Peavey 5150 II Head

5150 II Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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faceless 05/05/2004

Peavey 5150 II Head : faceless's user review


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-Two separate channels available pedalier
-LED on each channel
-Bright switch on rhythm channel (boost the treble frequencies)
Selector-crunch on the rhythm channel (function available pedalier)
-EQ on each channel separates
Controls, separate power amp (resonance and presence) for each channel
-Points of measurement bias of output tubes on the rear
Effects loop-controlled pedalier
Impedance Selector 4.8-or 16 ohm
Two output jacks, HP
-120 Watt
Metal-pedalboard with detachable cable


Very easy to use, the manual clearly explains each function, nothing special


I play mostly gothic metal, symphonic and even the black and is made for that, great saturation, an excellent grain, although particular, its fat and precise, short suited for what I play.
for now I do not use my guitar and effects and a Charvel Jackson with microphone (I do not know why because the guitar has more than 15 years and I can not identify the exact model)
the clean sound is slamming, precise and almost warm, having the equalization is very valuable and can very easily shape the sound as desired, a switch "bright" is present to boost the treble (the is not very obvious but we feel the grade anyway)
The crunch is mind-blowing, even more distortions my crate gt80dsp a lamp, lol, maybe it would have been wise to have an EQ for the crunch but also nothing too good.
by blast against the problem of the first version is not improved and that's a shame.


I use it for a month with a cabinet randall ra412xlt (thank you gillou) and frankly I'm more happy with my purchase, especially since I did pay only 999 euros new at
cons for me is very personal in the sense that I have not tried other amp types: correct mesa, 5150 I, engl or another for clear sound.
the only problem for me is the problem of breath, because it really was blowing from 3, even, but a little less on the rhythm channel (clean).
So unbeatable value for money (for the price or I had) and its grain and its Certainly I would do the same choice.