Peavey 6505 Head
Peavey 6505 Head

6505 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 6505 series.

iamqman 07/13/2011

Peavey 6505 Head : iamqman's user review

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Peavey is one of those companies that provide affordable guitar gear for the budgeting musician who wants pro quality gear. The more I start listening to Peavey amps the more I start to love them. Peavey has taken a strong position on the metal market. This amp is a heavy duty metal amp capable of giving you some sizzling tones.

This amp unlike the 6505 + or Plus amp doesn't have separate EQ's for each channel. That is really the only difference in the two amps. The 6505 amp has a shared EQ between channel one and channel two. This limits the ability to have two differently EQ channels from one another. If it were me I would pay the extra $200 and get the 6505+ just for future in case I ever needed it.



120 watts (RMS) into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x 6L6GC power amp tubes
High- and low-gain inputs
2-channel preamp that's switchable on the front panel or via footswitch
Rhythm channel: pre-/post-gain, bright and crunch switches
Lead channel: pre-/post-gain
Channels share 3-band EQ
Presence and resonance controls
Switchable post-EQ effects loop
Preamp output
Footswitch included


I used all kinds of guitars with this thing to make it sound good such as Strats, Tele, LP's, Wolfgang and even a Rickenbacker. Nothing could make this thing sound natural. This amp needs to be played with a humbucker pickup guitar such as a Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson Explorer. It needs that rock guitar for the gain style this amp produces. You can play any guitar single coil or humbucker but I think it sounds the best with the proper high gunner pickup.


At new these amps come in at around $999 online and most brick and mortar guitar stores. This is a great price for this amp. You can get a lot for this kind of money but you sure can get a stellar sounding Peavey amp.

I would recommend this amp to anyone needing to stay within a tight budget and needs a proper sounding metal or hard rock amp. This is a great amp for anyone needing a solid amp for any gigging or garage playing musician.