Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

keuch 11/23/2008

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head : keuch's user review


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All-tube amp, we see them shining even the rear is very nice
100 watts, but not very powerful for a 100 watts, not much has struck a mesa boogie and I think a vox ac 30 rival without difficulty ....
complte hyper connectivity, among 2, an effects loop, 2 speaker outputs with adjustable impdence, it lacks a master but I think I put a volume pedal in the loop effect and it is similar.
All full of rglages a rverb, gain boost and / or volume snap the foot, it is particularly interesting, you can really use it as a 3 channel amp. 9 is due to the lack of master ....


The config is simple but it is a bit difficult at the beginning to find the right sound. with the presence of rglage and rsonnance, it allows you to vary the sound much bass or treble and plus button to the rear which allows be in class A or AB ( or simulate everything, I did not really understand how to work), the result is really impressive. help find the manual 2 departure sounds, clean, rock, metal ... it helps much.


I play a bit of everything, blues, gospel, rock and I like the Mtal (I have a musicman petrucci ...) and in all registers is excellent.
One can get absolutely all types of sounds, nothing is impossible this amp. this amp has a great dynamic and sounds are never aggressive (well, if you know rgler an amp!)
Attention: note like account price, even when it is not a mesa, but I had enough for me for now!


I've had already at least a week ... lol ok, not much recoil. I tried in stores, backwards because of the reviews I read on here ... I tried all possible amps I believe, and I dsesprai as little financial means acqurir for the amp of my dreams .... what I like about this amp is its price, its quality versatility, dynamics etc. not fault it in light of all these criteria. I was playing on a Pod X3 Live, and then on a 21 tech tri ac, and frankly, it's night and day, I finally a REAL SOUND !!!!! This is excellent! I will continue always dreaming of a Mesa Boogie Mark IV, but as I have not put it in a 2500 amp, I will keep the l. I play on a harley benton 2 * 12 vintage 30, I can assure that I have no problem bass, they are presents but not invasive!
good, I leave this notice to tell everyone has worth to try this amp, and that 100 watts will not make it unusable in daily life, if only one is in house, because I appart understand that a can GNER neighbors.