Peavey Windsor Head
Peavey Windsor Head

Windsor Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Windsor series.

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tremonti 05/16/2010

Peavey Windsor Head : tremonti's user review


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120-watt lamps (and 3x12ax7 4xel34)
2 between High and Low Gain an effects loop, 1 standby, 1 boost, 1 or 16 ohm selector 4.8 speakers, equalization only (preamp volume, low, treble, high), 1 master + presence, resonance and texture.
1 taken footswitch for the boost.
No reverb (so -1)


Very simple configuration; it connects, we wait, we lower the switch "stand by" and we play!
EQ very effective "resonance" plays on the bass rsonance, "presence" on the presence Gnrale and "texture", as you are 0 or substance use 2 or 4 lamps power (respectively A or A / B).


Firstly if I decided to post an opinion on this head, that after you read the heaps of rubbish published on its web site.
Some accused him of being a head hi-channel gain and therefore have no clear sound. It's asking if they are informed before you buy! If they thought out Fenderiens clear sounds from a 120 w in Mount EL34 and 12AX7, they would have done better to go their way.
Provided it is possible to have a clear sound unlike what other users suggest. You just have to connect via between "low gain" (o the name) to the preamp between 2 and 5 and Roll! Obviously there will be far from a Hot Rod, but in simple as humbucker is very much exploitable, Repeat 'or live in a particular register funk / blues.
Between the hi gain crunch has continued to finish in the bulk or the hard metal with an equalizer in V. With my Flying V is happiness!
Then it is quite possible to play on the gain with the volume knob on the guitar unlike what I've read, the low gain you can spend a distortion and clear sound on high gain a more or less pushed crunch outright distortion hairy.
By playing "rsonance", "presence" and "texture" you sculpt a more vintage or modern.
That is why I emphasize the great versatility of the Windsor Head because, as long as you pass the single coil humbuckers, the high gain and low gain in that tamper with the equalizer was ACCS of bluesy crunch, well made of clear or limit the crunch, overdrive and distortion free pousss or lisire of the metal.
Add an equalizer in the loop or indeed even a facade of distortion pedal and I do not see any music genre that does not assume head.
In short you wanted to do blues, rock AC / DC, ZZ Top, Guns or looking for more contemporary sounds (Metal Ind.) you will find your happiness.
Moreover it is all done exploitable small volume, the sound will not transcendent but obviously more than enough good for home use.
I also specific on any fact that you can only use the Tagus power by logging into the "return" of the effects loop and with a good multi effect or preamp, all styles when you will open with a sacrerserve same power!


I use this head for a year at home (yes, really!) In RPET, and concert and I'm thrilled!
Obviously before you buy, try the it will not fit everyone as long as you're a minimum Misrepresenta above you should not regret it.
So for those who bought in thinking out clear sounds Fenderiens, go your way, you have to post notices Vitera due.
For those who criticize his lack of versatility and good start by rediscovering the gain between low, your volume knob and legalization in general; and if you do not always go out, c is so that YOU your the problem.
Finally, for those who put their balanced CHRISTIAN plexi heads of the 70's, also put the price scale, you will see that the oddly RULING favors the Windsor. If your a millionaire then no problem, you vintage breaks out!
For others, the Windsor will read.