Peavey Windsor Head
Peavey Windsor Head

Windsor Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Windsor series.

Pat Flam 11/01/2009

Peavey Windsor Head : Pat Flam's user review


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HEAD tube amp 4 34 + 3 12AX7 el 120watts a single channel of crunch to saturated.


Super simple setup, no need for manual, possibly ears ...
Easily obtained a good sound


JJE just bought this amp, I already have an excellent peavey classic 50, but the windsor send much, her ACDC, AEROSMITH, GUN'S, and other Marshallian frankly it kills, I have 14 guitars including a Les Paul TV, etc. .. strat really forget the ridiculous price, go for it, it's certainly not a great versatile amp, its not clear, but if you have fingers, you will follow a dynamic dehorn a beef with the les paul, it's magic, you can go to Angus Young, Santana, to Gary Moore, or Joe Perry and others will follow your sound and your fingers. frankly, i like the saturation in classic 50, but now I'm crazy ... they say it is too powerful, but it's not true, you do not have to play fully, but power dynamics and provides an enjoyable grain. Caution still the ears ....
You should know that the amp already sounds great at low volumes, but from the quarter master, which is very progressive in contrast to a twin forexample, the sound becomes top.


I've had three days, I tried a bunch of amps, JMC 900, JMC 800 (very similar), peavey classic 50, fender etc. .......,
I said forget the price of € 211 which could suggest a low-end amp, go for it for the pure, raw rock that takes you in the guts, so with that you do not ring, it's not the amp that will cause (referred to as his tendency to rock or hard rock, not jazz eh ...)
So no one versatile round, no clear sound that's crunch and saturation is an amp-oriented rock, if you like the marshall sound, power and grain, DARK ......
VALUE FOR MONEY 10/10 to rock 0 / 10 for the Jazz. (And I also play jazz ...) A classic 50 you permetttra plalettes much more sound, but not as far n'iar in the great big rock.
JHE would do so this choice