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PeeWhy 11/06/2005

Sovtek MIG 100 : PeeWhy's user review


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- Amp lamps: 3 AX7 for pr-amp section, four Sovtek 5881 for the amplifier section (4 by chang 6L6)
- Power: 100 Watts, but compared with a JCM900, it seems to be two times more powerful ...
- Connectivity:
> 2 jacks on the front, one for between 'Low' gain, one for between 'High' gain
> 3 the rear jacks, mono speaker output for either: 4 ohms, 8 ohms or 16 ohms
> A socket 'Line out' the rear (never tried)
- Rglages: Bass, middle, treble, presence, and Master Volume

Warning: no effect, no rverb, no distortion (unless one uses the saturation of the channel 'High')


- Configuration: ultra simple, as there is no effect. It's clear the RULES, that's all
- Sound: Personally, I use only between the 'Low' to make me gain a clear sound. APRS, it is impractical to add his effects pedals, or other pdaliers
- Manual: I have not had since bought second-hand ', but no need to understand how it works


- Music style: trs good amp for rock, probably also for many other styles of music
- Guitar used: Guitar pickups with single and double coils. Essay with Gibson, G & L and the sound is still good, just DIFFERENT, the amplifier meets the sound of the guitar, that's all
- Type of sound: the amp reproduces the sound of the guitar that branch above. The sound is clear trs, lens, honest, dynamic and powerful. The notes ring and they feel when they are playing (as opposed to transistor amps)


- Purchase: bought 5 years ago
- Particular: trs trs heavy head (2 times heavier than a JCM900 head) and the transformers are difficult balance. So, if you try to lift it by the grip, it leans heavily to one CTBR /> - Equivalent: like Marshall JCM800 significantly to the noise level
- Report QualitPrix: unbeatable for an amp lamps
- You do again this choice: yes, unless you have more gold coins and you want more effects Intgr