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broz 06/10/2005

Sovtek MIG 100 : broz's user review


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All Tube Amplifier: 4 * 5881 3 12AX7
Power 100 Watts: Sufis in all contexts, I've never pushed more than half of the master and the dj is much too strong.
2 between low and high, no effects loop.
Setup could not be more simple.


The configuration could not be simpler because you only have to connect to. sound.
May be missing an effects loop.


It's a straight head trs that restores the sound sent to it with great clarity.
Personally, uses it to rock, metal and jazz and is comfortable in all styles, only peripherals guitar and the guitarist will be the difference.
She, however, more comfortable in the rock record because a one pluttmdium Tone.
I use it with a couple JMP1 modified and Gx 700 for effects and it works great.
JMP1 associated with it works well and can rev to have good saturation and monstrous Dfine.
Power is phnomnale and I always have to stoop over the BPS in another guitarist who plays Marshall.
I Retube Svetlalna with 6L6 and it works even better and the sound has a wonderful grain.
the natural distortion of the amplifier is interresting and can work for rock nerv but you have to play strong
In conclusion it is just a head lamp which is an excellent base dpart To create its sound.
It is difficult enough even in her characters because of his roots (single canal, no, no reverb effect).


I bought about 10 years ago, new for 3000 francs.
The report price is unbeatable quality to a head lamps.
I would do without this choice hsiter but is no longer manufactured.