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imrryr 09/24/2005

Sovtek MIG 50 : imrryr's user review


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50 watt all-tube head (three 12AX7 power pramp 2x5881)
2 input: one normal and one "bright"!!
3 4/8/16 ohms mono output.
One for each volume between (2), qualisation classical low / mid / treble and prsence.
it is a copy of the Soviet line near kustom 50 watt hi-!!!!!! except that there are only 2 entries! (4 for kustom I think).
no effects loop or between pramp, my only regret!


Childish, given the short rglages and single channel!!
no manual, anyway, it's a super-clean amp and dynamic, or only the fingers and the quality of upstream effects will make the diffrence!


I play the mtal EXCLUSIVELY (plutt trash), I banche an ibanez saber up in Seymour / Duncan TB6 a distortion filter metalzone boss (Robert Keeley modified), and it just happiness!
all purring with pleasure as "jectquot; engl 2x12 cabinet with my vintage 30!
big sound! metalzone taking the full scope of the Global Warming and the clarity of this wonderful little amp head hyper ffective and reliable! lamps (I have the most accurate head ref) are mounted to provide, in my case, the sound as clean and dpouvu saturation metalzone forces, but have little to do a good trs head with capacity of distortion (rock, not mtal) based lamps in place!
the 50 watts are damn good and more than enough for the group play, sincrement, I find it a shame not to see that majority of the heads 100/150 watt lamps! trs we play hard, I do not Exceeds half my volume knob !!!!! and again, I'm more of 4 on 5!
ngatif the only point is the absence of prampli because I would have one of these devices connct style or JMP1 engl 530 but I read everywhere that it is not trs recommended for quality filtering bancher these wonders in between classic amp!


Voil a year now that I possde, and frankly, it is happiness in terms of power as heat to bring my sound distortion! it is seen that the mtalzone is not as rotten as some would have us believe!
if you see one of these heads in a shop (unfortunately only on occasion), go for it!
you do not rcolterez lada ;)))))
I changed my mind about the Soviets, and if they called me r-head with this one between pramp, I take my party card! lol!

ADDITION OF 24/09/2005:

I learned that the two guitar input, have their volume knob "interactive"!
concrtement, the sound changes (like a contour) if you turn the knob of the two volumes even if there is a branch scratching!! Moreover, by putting a cable in "y" in the 2 inputs and playing on two volumes so (always a single scratch) we obtain a cannal "overdrive" well heavy! Beware, it is the overdrive eh, not the saturated msa !!!!!!
I say magic, magic!
I just change the distortion, I pass the vox bulldog for a change!
Boudiou big big JCM I possde now!
a damn good head!