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monstawild 01/13/2008

Sovtek MIG 60 : monstawild's user review


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- What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?

Amp all-tube, 2 EL34, 3 12AX7 ...

- What is the power delivered?

60 W, I certainly think a bit more (I play with another guitarist who played on a 120 Watts Pavey 6505, although it is not a blind, it holds up)

- What connection?

Pany? bah it's a head, 2x4 ohms, or 1 x 8ohms, a 110/220 V selector inside (yes it bah b ien practice, in case I would become a superstar and I would play the states: D ), a power supply, an output (line out) which is a shit it seems, but I never tested it myself ...

- What are the settings, the effects? ...

1 treble, 1 mid, 1 bass, a presence, a master, a pre amp, all on a very ugly panel is spartan, but that's enough! NO EFFECT LOOP

A low gain input, and a Hi-gain input

although I note that section because I do not like Tablets board, an amplifier on the branch and it works, that's all: p


- The configuration is it simple?

Very simple, barely connected the first few days (I had to receive from Ohio), it was two, and knew it was a good head. Not even set it sounds hellish, but ...

- Gets it easy to sound good?

... Maybe the worry, as I said it was immediately a good sound, but very few adjustments possibilities will, in fact after two hours in rehearsal room to adjust the amp, there is a the impression that tweak the knobs is useless (I exaggerate ...)

I love the clear sound, so no worries, however, is typed, and I think it will not suit everyone (although I find it absolutely perfect).

- The manual is clear and sufficient?

Maybe if I had one, but I have not even the original box, and then saw the little adjustments, I think that there is no need for manual!


- Will it fit your style of music?

Little we've needed a good clean sound airy, I think it is.

It should be completely, I am in a style with lots of alternating clear sound, crunch, distortion. Personally I am very clear sound, and I am Extremely happy with the sound I have.

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play a Gibson Melody Maker, a delay / chorus H20, and a distortion pedal Blackstar HT-DUAL.

Nothing to say, I am proud of my sound, and my head, casually Sovtek eat the frog before, had gained a solid reputation, and several times I was made the reflection, believing that no longer existed .

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?

I play a clear lens, but still present and that is not "dry" ...

I think this head should be played in the treble, I play with the resonances almost a bottom, treble at 3 / 4, the mid and low in 3 / 8 I think (I remember the head is in the room to repeat, settings and do not move).

Unfortunately I can not use the distortion, and yes, if there is one big crap on this amp is that it's a single channel, but for distortion, it must pass through the entrance Hi-gain, it is not possible, choose, clean sound a little crunchy, and heavy distortion.

Obviously no footswitch, I even tried with AB-box, nothing happens, I think it is possible by changing the head, which I'm not too keen at the moment, and especially , which I can not afford!

I cruncher and I get a distortion thanks to the newly purchased blackstar this week (before I used a MT2), the result is stunning, I found my perfect sound!

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

The settings that I am fit, I filled it aut high frequencies in the band, and now I think my stuff is geared for such use. I love the settings and I do not like hi-gain channel for a simple reason, I think some of my lamps are dead ... So the sound is disgusting, I think it is excellent otherwise.

I tested a JCM 800 for 3 hours, we get that grain Marshallian, it seems, however, that this amp is close to a plexi, which is not wrong either ... I think this amp has a vintage cross Plexi/JCM800.


- How long have you use it?

it's been 4-5 months I use it.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

The lamps are dead: p

Nah seriously, I think particulatiré I like least is the fact of not being able to clear the channel utlise / saturated, it seems not to be able to use the amp at 100% ...

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes and no, tiny terror, marshall (various), and then style 6505 amps, or dung which I forget the name ... I have not tested a lot of amp, either.

- How would you rate the quality / price?

Objectively, the best available.

- With experience, you do again this choice?

Besides if I could buy a silver jubilee or plexi (quoique. ..) at the same price, yes!