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rowerfox 07/11/2003

A/DA MP-1 : rowerfox's user review


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- Prampli lamps (two 12AX7) 19 "1U
- 3 channels (solid state, tube tube clean and distortion)
- Fx-loop
- Headphone
- Rglages: OD1, OD2, master gain, bass, mid, treble, presence
- Chorus (rate and depth)


I played before on a Triaxis Mesa / Boogie and operation is identical. The SETTING THE trs's are simple, you select The argument change (eg prsence) and press either the Arrows up to increase or on the fl che down to reduce ;-) ;-) ;-)



My guitar is an Ibanez rotten with two EMG (81, 85), I play rock / metal. And amazing!
For the first time in my life, I GROSSON the Discoveries ... EMG + ADA MP1, here is the recipe for happiness!

As for clean sounds, I use the channel Solid State, the sound is more crystalline.
For crunch, nothing like the Clean Tube with a lot of gain, and we get the brunt of crunch.
Finally, the distortion is Tube Disto with Master Gain block and balance it!

In addition, you can play with the chorus to color and clean distos.


Attention, I'm going to har by the Community Audiofanzine: MP1 exploded on the Triaxis! DSOL the ptits, but it's not just Mesa / Boogie in life :-)

The sound of the ADA MP1 is simply monstrous, like a potato I had ever heard!

The only problem is the buzz, it blows a little too I got. I think a acqurir Hush shortly to address this problem.

This pramp is exceptional for two reasons: first, its price, then the original kernel, which I do not have the same sound all the fans of Mesa. I had a good time on my Triaxis, now I pramp Discoveries THE ...