Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp
Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp

SS-11 Guitar Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Tube Guitar Preamp series.

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TheJeff666 10/28/2013

Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp : TheJeff666's user review

«  Very efficient and very modern or too ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Preamp tubes "3" cannaux. I have version B equipped Tung Sol.
- Clean one: there is a volume, three usual corrections (Bass / Mid / Treble) and a gain.
- One that is shared DRIVE settings CRUNCH and LEAD 2 modes, namely a volume and three corrections of common tones, and an independent gain control for each channel. We also note a 3-position switch to naming "GAIN CR. "These are three variants of pre-equalization CRUNCH mode.
Input and output jack 6.35mm (a switch selects the destination of the signal OUTPUT: To Amp or To Mix with cabinet emulation), an effects loop (SEND and RETURN) on the upper edge of the box.


Preamp classic design, with the disadvantages associated with crunch and lead channels that share a common equalizer ... never open the manual ... When to get a good sound, it's made for it, but beware it is not a plug & play system, you must spend some time searching ... and hacking ...


No particular style of music, I just beaoin versatility and versatility ... Use only in a home studio.
Attention AMT SS11 has a relatively modern color, and the color is right for you, or it will look for something else ... In addition, in my case, it does not react very well with some of my guitars mounted P90 or single coil powerful (eko manta and a strat in hot texas tornado ms pickups), too much treble and midrange treble not very pretty and difficult to manage.
With proper guitar, the strong point for me, it is clean and light crunch, very clear, precise and articulated immediately present in the mix without spending hours to equalize the sound ... a fairly neutral color (or modern ...) but results in a very effective home studio. I have not got me to lead channel that I find too modern and too cold for my taste. For this kind of sound, I have a Koch ... But this preamp is very well react humbuckers of jeuns to very high output allowed four octave below ... This amplifier accepts pedals very well upstream or in the loop, but always with this pretty modern color.


A very good product for home recording, efficient, quick to pick up and easy to place in a mix. What I like the most, its neutrality and efficiency, that I like the least, neutrality ....
He just pay a second youth in me, I now use the Direct output to amp input of a power amp section (in 12AT7) a Koch Pedaltone, and there is happiness for me . I keep accurate sound, but a little more modern roots and fat (especially in crunch), adding that whatever brings heat to the poweramp of Koch. The is perfect for my use.
The value for money is good for the gear of this quality. If you play with a Vigier or go for a music man petrucci, this stuff is for you, if you play with a LP Junior or Firebird (it is rather my case ...), I advise you all of the same try before ...
I'm not going anymore. This is not my main preamp, but whenever I use it, it does the job very well, quickly and without headaches ...