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aliascross 08/25/2006

Custom Audio Electronics 3 + SE : aliascross's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Prampli lamp 3 Channel (good!).
7 lamps pramplification: 7 12AX7

Rglages per channel: a bright switch, Gain, Bass, mid, high and VOLUME

2 instrument inputs:
- One the rear: handy in a rack.
- A forward, easy to plug a guitar.

2 outputs: one connects with the masses (MAIN) and one without the mass of links (GROUND).
3 between 6.35 for control channels and EQ (CH2, CH3 and EQ).

We regret:
<ul> The absence of a switch to select the other channel without having to connect a switch or a foot-swich MIDI.
The need for equipment (switcher MIDI, Line mixer, ...) for the external will integrate in a system with effects, MIDI controllable. </ul>


Simple enough. I play a lot with the head of the gain rglage rendering channel. For example, the clean channel, with a gain 6, we obtain trs beautiful rhythm and 7 were more slammed for solo clear.
Then it's a game with the couple Acute / bright switch, bass and the mdium rglage gain influence.
In short, these six rglages are sufficient to cover a good range of sounds. Not to mention that even while the sound is flat! So no need to have forcment rglages ranging from 18 -18 dB! Which would complicate the search for sounds. A prs all, we are not musicians and experts forcment To determine we even sound "exploitable". No, CAA has worked for us, the above; 0)


Channel 1 (clean sound):
The most beautiful clean sound that I had (Fender "The Twin", TriAxis, JMP1 ...). I install the lamps (GE-Jan5751) are for many. It's hot compress (slap with energy during solos when it comes to press firmly on the strings playing). A real rgale!

Channel 2 (overdrive / saturation):
I think this channel is trs "musical" and produces rhythmic trs own. For me, the channel most suited to the rhythmic accompaniment saturated. It can especially be understood and easily distinguishable when scne have played on, without overlapping the sounds of others.

With a gain between 2 and 4, and playing in rhythm supported, we obtain a saturation nergique.
With a gain between 5 and 8: the IDAL to play AC / DC ...

Channel 3 (lead):
The sound and the gain is larger than the channel 2 (gain level quivalant a GP3 or TriAxis). I use it for my solo or couple's EQ to add prsence for more hard-rock rhythms that rock. GRAIN AND WHAT!

The bright switches for:
Superb! They correct what is not too much. I would say, finally, really bright switch INTERESTED!

<ul> The volume is effective ... not bad to have a solo and rhythm volume.
The IS NOT SETTING THE prsence forcment trs I got, but it helps to restore clarity to channel 3 ... which can be very useful.
The bass is rglage trs INTERESTED use instead of its collgue channel 3. </ul>


I use this prampli AOT since 2005. I tripled the User with a G-MAJOR / VHT 2-90-2 / Speakers NOS (V30 + G12H *). All channels are of great quality and what a slap on the clean sounds! and what grain loadings! Moreover, many professional guitarists are chosen as grateux Pagny (Sbastien Choir, Franois Delfin) to name a few ... This prampli is a star! One often sees the tl! , 0), through the new star and other star acadm ...
This is the best I've had prampli (GP3, TriAxis, jmp-1, Studio preamp, POD2.0).

A good value qualitprix trs ($ 1,890 CAA / in 2100) compared to the rest of the market ... for me, if you use too much DIFFERENT sound (typically a clear sound , a crunch / a rhythmic sound / her a solo), I will DEFINITELY prfrance to 3 +.