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MGR/Al 07/31/2003

DigiTech GSP2120 Artist : MGR/Al's user review

"Digitech Artist 2120"

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I bought this a few years ago for about $1000. I was looking for something other then stompboxes to give me some good effects. Now i realize that not everything in life is that easy. The 2120 does make some stuff easier how you can program patches and switch not just a effect on and off but actually program patches to the floor board. So im gonna get a k-7 and some more stomp boxes to add to what the 2120 lacks in on sound.

I like how you can create a sound for what part of your song, and then say another sound for a chorus of the same song and just tap one button and switch between 2 or more completely different effect chains and settings. Programmable foot pedal is also a plus. And the design of the case, nobs and user interface.

Okay heres where i get nasty. #1 if you gonna state that heavier artists are using your equipment like NIN, Korn and various other metal musicians make sure your distortion lives up to that title. Becuase the solid state distortion sucks. And the tubes suck too. I like my set up to sound like fear factory. And without an additional boss metal zone that would be completely impossible. So if your more into clean sounding effects and light distortions this is a great piece and crystal clear. If your looking to go nuts wiht brutal metal the distortion is lacking and adding too many effects at once in this unit is gonna give you a problem. The manual sucks, very very very vague leaving you puzzled and questioning what hey were trying to say.

Solid. No problems at all with quality issues. But then again its a rackmount piece. How much abuse can it possible be given? It sits in a case and the nobs get turned, plugged in and turned But yea solid metal casing, metal nobs (sometimes dont respond right if your moving them too slowely to fine tune something) floor board is common to any of the digitech floor boards.

Okay like i said before, if your doing ya know jazz,country,rock,r&b or anything on the lighter side of music this piece is wonderful. Now if your gonna go alternative styles of music like industrial,metal,death metal,hardcore, or anything that is heavy you might wanna invest in some other pieces that are giving you the sound you want before you add this into the mix. Right now im gonna invest in some more stomp boxes and then mix it wiht this piece if that doesnt work you might be able to buy it from me on ebay.

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