ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock
ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock, Tube Guitar Preamp from ENGL.

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belzeb 01/01/2009

ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock : belzeb's user review


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With 2 12AX7 preamp
Power 2x1.5volt
Line input,
Two footswitch input: (1) Cannal1/2-Hi/low gain (2) Bright / Preamp contour and defeat
Effects loop
Out to Stereo Power Amp
Stereo output to record
After you read that there are four channels but that is wrong. It There's really two channels:
* Channel 1: Clean, Crunch with Gain / Bass / Medium / High / Volume with a bright. The move from clean to crunch is a gain boost.
* Channel 2: Soft-Heavy Lead lead with adjustable gain / bass / low mid / high mid / high over a contour which is a boost to medium. Again the transition from soft to heavy is a lead boost gain, equivalent to 1 / 2 ie the app with the gain equal to 10 Heavy with a gain to 5.

This preamp is really a war machine for the price. It really is Excellent for both the stage of a power amplifier for recording on pc live (thanks to the two lamps and its output to 1.5 volts)! I put 8 because there are better, but ...


The configuration is fairly simple, there's not many settings, just right. The knobs are very sensitive which allows for a very personal sound. on the other hand, it is better to start a set with all the knobs at noon. Extreme settings did not go well!. The fact that there is a separate setting of Low, Mid and High-Mid on the lead channel is huge advantage ... It allows for a slightly widened without it being unbearable and have a good control of the presence in a general mix.

Also having the channels that come in pairs (clean / crunch and low / high lead) is really an asset. It gives the Possibility to have different sounds without disturbing either: it remains on the same leveling, so there is no boost or loss of presence, no explosion of volume ... We are not obliged to repeat each time the setting all the volume!

For the manual I peus not say I ever had in hand.


After in terms of sounds, very versatile, very adaptableCe preamp really respect the basic sound of the instrument and its dynamics:

Clean channel: sound really not bad at all if the guitar has a beautiful sound ... It can be slammed even though it mainly revolves around sounds pretty round. But I do not think this is the point of this preamp fortb.

Canal crunch: I do not know too much ... for the crunch I use mostly low-lead

Low Lead: This channel has a pretty huge range of sounds. We can go a very light crunch to a rock sound upset. The dynamics are really amazing.

High mid: Same as the low-lead but with more gain. The sound is very modern, bright and very clear. The grain of the distortion is very fine, and disto y'en enormously. I play prog death in both groups (Besides, if you want to hear the sound of this preamp all recordings are done with the guitar on http://www.myspace.com/grorr with a mixed sound, and http: / / www.myspace.com/yosh64 ( http://www.myspace.com/yosh64 ) with a raw sound).
The dork who find that there is not enough gain should not seek a light sound, or learn to play itself for not having to hide under an explosion of gain.

Finally we must say that this preamp is really an ideal tool for both stage and recording. But be aware that it's a very demanding, which is the prerogative of the true light in my opinion. The slightest error really means, but when the bug is well controlled you can get a lot: sounds very close together in the medium to Freak Kitchen. BUT: It is essential to try and get to know because this preamp is very typical. It sounds very special, we like it or hate it ...


I use it for two years and more I learn to know him the more I love it! The sound is clean, dynamic, adaptable, and is an excellent tool for a home studio (although we must add a good rack of effects to do anything you want)

For stage I use a power amp and a mesa 50-50 laney cab that is kind enough to lend me (hééé yeah, it's expensive the good stuff, mauis's cheaper when you pay does : p). The sounds of this config is simply monstrous ...