Mesa Boogie V1 Bottle Rocket
Mesa Boogie V1 Bottle Rocket

V1 Bottle Rocket, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

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pinpin86 01/08/2008

Mesa Boogie V1 Bottle Rocket : pinpin86's user review


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Tube overdrive pedal 2x12ax7, 220v power by transformer, true bypass, gain settings, bass and treble, volume, input jack, output jack, black metal


The settings are hyper accurate, no medium setting so you have to play the bass and treble
Personal a repeat to the other change my settings (along with my esgourdes)


For impeccable style blues, rock, pop. I have a Les Paul with humbuckers and I do not exceed the 7 / 10 to gain if the killing is almost uncontrollable with harmonics and feedback that starts from the hip (I have two lamps of Ei my old marshall combo and it is the gain of madness)!

Notice to those who do not advise a distortion in an effect loop: Custom fit that into the loop of my ac cc2x 30 (ie after the preamp) the overdrive acts directly on the amplified signal (line level) and it like having a second floor lamps overdrivées: the sound is compressed as it should with a slight distortion effect is pert little dynamic game from an investment in direct entry (before preamp) but one earns a lot in can sustain and grow over the volume.


Excellent pedal that respects the game and a Gibson grateux Houlala!
Many people are impressed by the sound coming out of the box!

It's been ten years since I focused on this pedal and I did not hesitate one second when I had the opportunity to purchase, I do not regret anything. If I had had before I even saved money by not investing in a Marshall DSL 401 with the channel distortion can go get dressed next to (although it sounds quite a bit with the Mullard Marshall!) .

I also have a V-twin: it's the same sound with a single channel and a little less chance of settings.