Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp
Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

Studio Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

laulec 03/31/2013

Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp : laulec's user review

«  Blessed are the owners! »

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we obtain not sound that easy we seek
c is best to observe the instructions SETTINGS


sound depends on what he is behind
whether direct sound card:
-Terrible, great emulation! C is the mode that I use the most: respect!
I'm sure that a good case in di ca torn all over and

or a power amp lamps:
monstrous! but completely different sound must know
I've tried with a Peavy Classic 50/50 and ....! the two sounds are crazy proportions!
over the medium to m irritating character a little out sends heavy!

after to see and not hesitate to do extensive testing of lamps (5)


occasionally there are things that come and have a magic something immediate that s not explain
when you are in front you say ah yeah! and it is a little beast like an old twin reverb era of a Vox AC30 or a JCM800 with a 4 * 12

even if the grain is not too heavy metal neo it will be useful rather then solo
ca through the mix of power! you'll find that you will lower the lead guitar

machine worth 1500 euros its output c was the upscale