jeandomat 09/01/2007

Mesa Boogie TriAxis : jeandomat's user review


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Prampli dowry of five lamps (12 ax 7).
Effects loop.
Good connections.
Everything is on paramtrable prampli. There is even a feature "dynamic voice", enabling you to format (qualiser) sound all other APRS rglages. In distortion, it allows for both low level and fMeasure lev overdrive while retaining its own.
As you can see, the TriAxis is to give you the sound you want. Grip effective temperatures requiring many hours of testing.


The manual (fifty pages) is more than clear. Rarely has so prcises indications of an audio product. It explains how each of the eight channels, and how to ragissent rglages.
To the question "do you get a good sound easy?" The rponse is: YES. In Ralite Mesa had the good FDI prrgler sound factory. As the designer connate his gear, sounds "sound" right away. There are ten MODELS dclins ten times each. It's impressive range of dj prrglages.
We must insist on one point: rglages are hyper sensitive, and sometimes interact Manir important to each other. For the settings should be envisaged separately. The night excs the quality of the whole. So modration ...


I play violin with guitar (Seymour Duncan humbuckers and Di Marzio).
The sound of Triaxis, everything t said. I want to emphasize the quality of modes Lead 1 Lead 2 Yellow and yellow, which are kind distos 80s. These sounds are really trs own, had to sustain and compression, and allow dtach every note of all the others. Bravo for having the precision and the potato is not always easy. We can say that these sounds are "liquid".
Modes Lead 2 Lead 1 red and red are powerful distos trs. Lovers of the metal will find their taste.
For the rest, it is clear and sounds somewhat saturated. This will sound clear and clean trsdpouill (Mark IV) in the (lgrement) saturated genre Vox AC 30 pushed back. It's somewhat reminiscent of AC / DC its beginners, in the studio.


With exprience, I would do this choice, especially since I bought it for 700 euros.
I play with a 30 F, and the experience is Mesa each time an enchantment. I met her once a ing that said "We do not know when a sound is bad, but we know when it is good." With Triaxis, we feel that the sounds are really high. In addition, the benefits of prampli are indisputable: you can play on all custom settings, while more than one hundred IMMEDIATE sounds available. This may be questioning the NCESS to buy a combo.
APRS eight months of use, I can say that the triaixs vritable is a marvel. Be careful to choose the power section on which you will get ...
Because triaxix prmapli is, it can grow without fear of too much Dcibel. Submitted this a great advantage in distortion modes (lead 1 and 2) because you may get a TRS and saturated homogne (tapping Research), which, with a combo , is possible only with the volume level indcent.