aceofspades06 05/19/2007

Mesa Boogie TriAxis : aceofspades06's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
Everything has been said in the characteristics of corny!


Just a little look at my silly, and it's pretty simple (if you can read!;) )


I had the opportunity to test several days at home (with a slanted 4x12 Carvin 400W)
simultaneously with the couple ninety 2x90 class.
I have been scotch ... . but really stuck to the wall!

the power and dynamics .. it's amazing ....
especially with the 2:90 class simultaneously, we can still have different colors.
Indeed, the Triax,; by simple jack ass of 2:90, can drive the power amp in selecting him how "deep", "half 1 / 2", "modern" in the power amp, giving it a hell of a watermelon in addition to modify the sounds of Triax. And that's cool!
So we can divide the power of 2x90, and you use traixis via the "half"
ca does, and very strong. how the "deep" and "modern" hypermarkets are interrssants to add "warmth" to sound clear.
mode in yellow. SACRED nice and crunchy in the frequencies, although couillues ..
for mode distortion from rock to metal, (red, green and different mode) according to the mode amp ca Debouche just a shithouse. all possibilities are possible, and that's AWESOME! It allows to have a bike Pro, the Pro stuff (it was said not to play because I wankers of Mesa, but put things in order, the Big Mesa is the stuff Pro, which lasts, which is made to turn, to play for s'exsprimer on stage / studio with no galleys of shit stuff that can peter anytime)
couillu of gear at your side when you play and that sounds like you want. most important to me.
it is mandatory that this bug works with the 2x90, I insist on this point.
Then, I think the choice of a cab is a matter of taste.

all sounds are possible, the beautiful clear sound for ballads, to funky slamming, the crunchy, crunchy to the big greasy, rock, hard, metal, death. It includes all the possibilities of sound, with its own grain,
basically, you can play in a group of funk, blues and death, the TriAxis will be with you!


- How long have you use it? loan from a friend
- What is so special that you like most and least? I love everything
- Have you tried many other models before buying it? rather yes
- How would you rate the quality / price? expensive, but the quality at all levels .. (build quality, sound,)
- With experience, you do again this choice? .. if not before I die, I bought one! ;)