Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Mesa Boogie V-Twin

V-Twin, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie in the V-Twin series.

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Herve v.63 06/17/2004

Mesa Boogie V-Twin : Herve v.63's user review


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Tube preamp (2 12AX 7) to look beautiful, nearly indestructible metal. 3 outputs are available /
-1 To classic guitar amps, then you use the V-twin as a booster or as a distortion pedal.
-1 To amplifiers; by connecting the V twin in your effects loop of your guitar amp you bypass your preamp and you use only the part amplifying tube preferably, the V twin is now on your preamp. You are in command of a "Mésarshall" or a "mésafender" for example.
-1 To a mixer / or a headphone jack (depending on the position of the switch)
The 2 switches on the V twin control the bypass and change the channel.
Finally there are the classic settings: gain, bass, treble, mid, presence, volume.


The operation is very simple; 3 sounds available light / crunch (blues) / 2 channel saturated
channel 1: clean sound or via the small switch crunch blues (a small blue light comes on).
Channel 2: distorted sound
If you do not want to ask your V twin pit you can connect a cross on the output: external footswitch.


In my opinion we draw the quintessence of the V twin is by plugging it directly into a mixer or in the amplifying portion of your guitar amp.
In a good sound system You have made a huge sound especially saturated sound that makes grave.toutefois sounds are very clear and crunch as well. The headphone jack is the anecdotal to me its got to be too hi-fi (too fatty not clear enough).


I bought the V twin has about 8 years at a time when I was playing directly plugged into the sound system, I have first had a SansAmp but it did not do, for or against the day I have had the V twin CALA DONE At the end of concerts that is often that we came to see me and asked me what I used it as a guitar amp.
One advantage of the V twin is that you can "attack" simultaneously, the amplifying portion of your guitar amplifier by the output "to power amp" and also the mixer through the outlet "To mix." So you have a big sound in your guitar amp and you have a big sound in the sound without using a microphone transplanted. You can also use it to repeat so you do not carry your 2 bodies Marshall. I never sold it now even though I don 't serve less.