Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA)
Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA)

SP-77 Series II (Made in USA), Tube Guitar Preamp from Soldano.

mickael1001 07/03/2007

Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA) : mickael1001's user review


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Tube preamp (4 lamps) has two channels
his clear and full.
a guitar input and output is very simple.
In an equalizer setting is basic preamp, bass, middle, treble, ouput.


Very simple configuration, no need the manual.
I got the sound I want right away.


This is really excellent preamps sound is very clear limpid, crystalline, warm, very typical fender, I play Pink Floyd with a feast! Switch brings a lot of bright light! Great.
However, the equalizer lack a little accuracy in settings but hey I forgive him see the sound!
With distortion! Beautiful! Really impressive dynamics can be screaming guitar, the channel has a gain saturated angry, he sounds very light, it is perfect for playing rock, blues, country, even hard rock .
I also have an Egnater m4 latest version I enjoy with both the Soldano preamps gain gives me a very good quality of this preamp is very versatile to play any style of music.


I bought it on ebay 600 euros, and then revised Retube, I do not regret my purchase because the more it becomes very difficult to get one.
It is a very simple level preamps connections and settings, but that sounds when plugged with a good power amps.
It has less flexibility than the Egnater m4 but it gives me a sound of very good quality extra in my rig.