Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA)
Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA)

SP-77 Series II (Made in USA), Tube Guitar Preamp from Soldano.

aliascross 11/19/2006

Soldano SP-77 Series II (Made in USA) : aliascross's user review


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2 channel guitar preamp: clear (ch1) and rhythm / lead (ch2)
Channel setting clear bright switch, gain, bass, mid, treble and volume.
Adjusting channel rhythm / lead: Gain, bass, mid, treble and volume.
4 lamps: <ul> X1: CH1 and CH2
X2: ch2
X3: CH1 and CH2
X4: CH1 and CH2 </ul> 1 instrument input on the front, a footswitch input, 1 output preamp.
2U, Depth: 5 inches! (12.7cm), 4kg
No effects loop, no instrument input on the back, no second exit.


Quite simple to solve.


Lamps used (x1.. X4): GE-JG5751, TAD-12Ax7RT01, GE, and GE-JG5751 JG5751.
I use 5751 for not cruncher too clear channel, but especially for the famous grain lamps JG and January and harmonics that go with it.

Linking: SP77-> VHT2/90/2-> Speakers NOS.

You realize pretty quickly that the sound reproduction of SP77 is amazing!
Clear channel quality is "almost" as big as the CAA 3 + SE!
Boosted channel does not seem very suitable for fine crunch (channel 2 of the 3 + SE is much better).
In saturated rhythm or lead with a gain> 6, the SP77 has a specific grain and clarity well appreciated with beautiful harmonics. Very attractive! A beautiful complement to the 3 + SE! (Which has a grain a little darker)


I use it since November 2006.
I mainly use a CAA 3 + SE. I was looking for a supplement to have more channels "raw", without using special effects to get my sound bases (Rhythm clear, clear Lead, Crunch, and Lead rythmSat sat). After the Marshall jmp-1, Mesa Studio preamp, and other pedals TriAxis tube, the SP77 is currently the best answer I found!

This preamp is a real surprise! The samples that I had not listened very encouraged. I took one for me and my idea on it ... I did well: 0)

A report sound quality / price!