Aphex 207 Two Channel Tube Mic Preamplifier
Aphex 207 Two Channel Tube Mic Preamplifier

207 Two Channel Tube Mic Preamplifier, Tube Pre-amp from Aphex.

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jardindete 11/19/2004

Aphex 207 Two Channel Tube Mic Preamplifier : jardindete's user review


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APHEX 207. Prampli lamp with dual channel function MicLim (y parat this is important)

<ul> 1U tough,
Between microphone jack and XLR outputs symtriques and inserts (jack "Stereo") the rear
Between instrument faade
All buttons useful gain, pad (20dB), 48 V power supply, phase, low cut, MicLim.
Push button with tmoins (green LED)
Button to select the operating voltage (-10dBV, +4 dBV)
LED indicating attention also put under the heat lamp
Rglage output gain

Amp 2 Floors: transistor - (insert if present) - Lamp


Manual in English because I buy across the Channel.

Clair, prcis with bonus connectivity, and technology employees. Lots of blabla be put in the tooth to the case where we can not try bte right away (like we're on the train ...)

Operation is extremely simple course.

I put 9 because I would have seen portards notched the win.


Pramp plutt transparent. May be lgrement color but it's beautiful.

I did that my behringer pramps to compare, and the memory of a former strip Envoice.

Compares the Behringer, it's just day and night. Scratching with my electric, I now low, with my Electroacoustic, I punch and a standard DEFINITIONS. With my bass sound much clearer and much better performance microphones. Before I had a big loss as the two highest strings.

Silent on the mixer while dirty, much less Dfine, the largest in the bass, but also more blurred.

What clarity! With my microphone picks up everything is low to high. I seem to have changed his microphone and guitar! Everything for 2000 balls in turnkey! The fte!

More srieusement, I compare the prfre Envoice of Mindprint: beautiful machine like sound that comes out. With APHEX I really feel to reach this quality! There's just compression and EQ and less.

I put 8 / 10 as the default miclim has this little talked about in the forum. It causes a cliqutement if we maintain the sound that enables it. Different for the peak-time is perfect!


I've had four days and I'm glad trs trs.

I redcouvre my instruments, and I'll probably go 96kHz recording to take advantage.

O the price I got it, the report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable!