Art Tube MP
Art Tube MP
MGR/ToneTaster 10/28/2010

Art Tube MP : MGR/ToneTaster's user review

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I have the original and most basic model ART Tube MP. It is black with no VU meter. I have been recording music for many years but I am not a professional. In recent years I have taken great interest in tube related amplifiers and equipment and enjoy doing sound tests etc. I feel that I know a LOT about the Tube MP.

I bought it in the early 2000s but I don%27t remember where or for how much.

The most basic model Tube MP is a great value because it is so inexpensive, well made, and good sounding if used right.

The only thing I don%27t like about the unit is the information provided with it. It took me quite a while to learn how to get the most out of it. I documented my experiences and what I learned in the form of videos which you can find on YouTube if you search under the name 'ToneTaster'.

Amazing construction for $30.00!

The ART Tube MP is great for the money if you know how to use it. If you don%27t it can mess up your sound. I have not tried the other more expensive models but I tend to think that the simple one is all you need and its wiser to save your money for a great preamp rather than spend few hundred for a fancier one of these.

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