Art Tube MP
Art Tube MP
jpenso 03/30/2005

Art Tube MP : jpenso's user review


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Prampli lamp, used to record a microphone requires phantom power in a home studio config.
and a level of output level
phantom power
possibility to add 20 db
Two connection options, jack or XLR input and output.


Trs simple to use, no need to read the manual (which is English)


I first tried a Premire who constantly crunches, it seemed to hear a hard turn vinyl, totally innutilisable.
I changed it and since it works well, a little breath recess, but if we did not numrique can not have no breath
for her I find it useful and trs trs enjoyable, it's true that light can "warm sound", while dpend of tastes and colors this level ...


I for a week, I have not a long exprience on this hardware but the little I used seems to me all the same though.