Art Tube MP
Art Tube MP
MGR/Joel McCain 05/17/2004

Art Tube MP : MGR/Joel McCain's user review

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I had just bought a condenser mic that required phantom power, but i was unaware that I didn't have anything that would supply it. I went to long and mcquade and bought it for $80 canadian. Because I've been sold on the superior sound of tubes, i bought this unit instead of just a basic phantom power provider. I was told it would work on other intruments that weren't mics.

this thing is absolutely amazing, although it's really a preamp for a mic, I use it all the time with my guitar. I have a line6 spider2 amp and a digitech gnx3 which i use to get my distortion sounds, and i used to think they sounded great and very close to the originals before i plugged my guitar into this thing. It contains a 12AX7 tube, the kind of tube in most highend preamps of your favourite marshall, mesa, fender etc. This unit turns the digital models in your processor or amp into the real things that play just like the tube amps. I dont know why more people dont try it.

you can use both outputs at once, but only one input, if I had forked out the money to buy the next model it would have two channels, so i have no reall grounds to complain.

tough metal casing, the knobs are perfect, smooth turning but with enough resistance to be very precise.

if your doing anything digital and want that classic tube tone of the higher end equipment, then here's your $80 solution, 69US i think. especially if your amp or floor processor is a digital amp modeler, buy this thing.

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