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milsabords 03/17/2003

Bellari MP110 : milsabords's user review


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The technology is so-called lights and transistors. connectivity is complete enough, among outputs on XLR and jack (big jack). the format is a half rack.


Use with or without manual is simple extra-


The sound of the instrument is correctly reproduced without coloration particulire, just a little scrub on the acute and more ... it is relatively neutral, but super clear or glare as a manley.j 've noticed a small problem on my own, a sound of PEIT other time back to the headphone, a small "schdoing" distant but audible, I sometimes used to boost the small prampli broadcast just before the insrant amplifiers, if one is not looking too on quality, not too perfectionist, has been tr s the trick


I have this thing for about six years, which is great is that when there was a confrence, the tazille Reduces weight and are a definite asset, if I have to pick my revox, and still the weight that is added to the rest, so if the quality is not necessary too, for a confrence is a prampli IDAL. report quality price is still quite lev anyway if you go the indoor vrifier a point that seems important. this is dvisser the hood, and resumed with a voltmtre voltages + 6.5 volts, then dye the device, unsolder one of the son who amne this tension, turn the unit back and vrifier the lamp glows no more than 110 mp, you will see that the fact that the lamp shade does not affect the sound. try you will see. if you possdez another type of aircraft lamps (cheap) I suggest you do the same you could be if tonn for lamps, rather prfez flashlights .