D.W. Fearn VT-2
D.W. Fearn VT-2

VT-2, Tube Pre-amp from D.W. Fearn.

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fabrice.fargues 10/20/2009

D.W. Fearn VT-2 : fabrice.fargues's user review


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pramp lamp 2 channels, basic rack course


Trs simple configuration, selector between "attnuation", phase reverse, 48V, 1 stop walking by VU meters, because they are not laying ... a little unusual, but it is quickly trs.


The sound is remarkably exceptional ... He respects the color of your microphone, and adds a very personal touch, made of soft warmth .... Trs is fine, subtle, but somewhere in the world of pramps, this highlights the depth of your decision ...


M149 a branch above, positioning adquate, and is happiness .... The voice fminines, I wonder how I could do without ...
There are many high quality pramps on the market at AU, Avalon, Focusrite, SSL, Neve, Manley, Chandler ... All have their strengths (and even some high rev ...), but for vocals, I confess, testing some associations, in all cases, I return to the VT2 ... For me, and trs subjective, my value sre ... Now I admit I like the sound of voices trs natural, carnal, ar clear but never aggressive, and I'm looking for color, this device is a pure joy .... Try it without looking at the price prohibitive for many, but the high-end hardware has to pay, and pays for itself because the value added is your decision .... tural For me, an essential investment ....