PreSonus TubePre
PreSonus TubePre

TubePre, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.

Toothyz 12/03/2010

PreSonus TubePre : Toothyz's user review

«  it works »

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Prampli small lamp, a channel

no pice of plastic! even the knobs are made of steel! has inspired confidence!

UN Drive, gain .. out of phase, a pad, low cut phantom power supply

Between XLR jack Released Same


Nothing to report, really easy .. but useless reduces manual

on the other hand, many minutes you have to go play with the drive and the gain to get what you want ..

I get very often on inaudible sound, but when it works, it works rather well!


so do not expect a wonderful sound, remember that has cost 100 euros .. we must compare comparable !!

there is already a step up as art or behringer in these price range!

test DI Box with a guitar .. it works impeccable dynamics, heat, discoloration of the pleasant lamp!
everything what you want

But beware .. is saturated and can easily be surprises during the catch! ...

In my observation preamp is acceptable !! without a good rglage is literally rotten signal !!!!
but once found the right mix has spent !! even though

The lamp will deserve to be changed, but it tien road all the same!


The +

Di box in a great work!
it's solid!
right preamp
some see no cheap plastic

the -

no on off button - the savings on to? even when it is necessary ..
Case Format (not even 1/4 rack) rounded edge has m'enerve!
may be the lamp? but I was fine with me for my use!
low cut off phase to fine ???
I say when PreSonus same hat for doing a product that is worth the money !!

it's not really the tube or Art behringer low-end manufacturing and bad!

it's on !! 200 or rather 300 euros more was better !!! It was worth every penny! I regret my 100euros