TL Audio 2001 4 Channel Valve Mic Pre Amp
TL Audio 2001 4 Channel Valve Mic Pre Amp

2001 4 Channel Valve Mic Pre Amp, Tube Pre-amp from TL Audio in the Indigo series.

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prprprpr 12/05/2007

TL Audio 2001 4 Channel Valve Mic Pre Amp : prprprpr's user review


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1U mic preamp (no line-in) hybrid lamps (one per channel memory supplied with 150V) manufactured in the 90s.

extremely simple to use:

gain with clip indicator LED, a volume gain to handle as desired without going too much into one A / D converter for example.

three switches: 48V, 90Hz high pass to, and the phase

XLR inputs, outputs and XLR jack

one diode to the level is just a little bit but your ears are not there for that?


We can not be simpler.

it adjusts the gain for the desired tone color and adjust the volume so as not to saturate the input stage of what is hooked up to more.


The sound is very respectable given the price per preamp (okaz of 300 euros, that's 75 euros a preamp!). It has a sound much less aggressive than the preamps a O2R example. The saturation of the tubes reaches the end of the race winning pots and must be dosed slowly failing to have an effect too strong (unless this is the desired effect).
I use it when I need a lot of preamp at a time and the results on guitar amps with a SM57 is really surprising.


Pendant ivory replaced by the series that I have not tested. I do not throw myself into the debate classic old and new series.

Is (very rarely) to okaz and is a very good deal for anyone looking to rapidly increase its fleet of low-cost preamp for a very persuasive.