Universal Audio 2-610

2-610, Tube Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

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mswing 06/28/2005

Universal Audio 2-610 : mswing's user review


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Double lamp DI preamp
2 shelves with lo and hi frequency Crantbr />
Microphone input and Line 4 Di

Switching the front by switch selection practice, as any cable can be retracted and the rear of the stuff on the front easily before attacking a chian Processing ... not even need a patch very top!


First we give the source with its output impedance, but says AU kom "If it sounds good well c"
no need to delve into the specifications of your device but if have done vs a + c

Then there is the gain and output level are two different knob

if you push the gain and it is colored + down on the output level
if you want less color gain is reduced
but watch c still far from being transparent even kan, I did not find difference flagrente.
not cutting down damage

the shelves are 50 100 and 200 for bass and 4.5 7 and 10 for acute


The shelves are not bad but drink responsibly.

This preamp colors especially mediums, medium and low.

the bass is shallower than Avalon and Cristalle less acute but are not aggressive ...

microphone position: I tried several micro: the verdict is his best friend U87
TLM 103 bocou even if I like this mic, do not marry because of his well-trs acute and C414 is not bad because the premp gives him a boost in the medium and more serious

Online + 4 I find the use is a barely perceptible c mieu byzarre it is output jack and attack by the DI input

on the other hand in DI, ca color cow: electric guitar crunch or distortion c very well, (such pedalier ...)
bass and acoustic guitar through
synthetic bass synth pad anlague c monster
rnb big lead, organ a little dirty it rocks

chord piano bof
Snare well
mix battery is not bad but vintage c
mix in gnral must try ... but I avoid gnral

in fact all the stuff elctro, recent pass in color and ca c terrible
all acoustic instrumentals, c how I feel after subjective c

this is not the preamp goes everywhere but on the fact c ca top


1 year
bin kan ca c does well
let's say I took time to find the right microphone to go with him and me! since I told him al a U87 I like it
I tried a 737 VP at Avalon, and the U87 sounds not in it !!!!! by against the TLM 103 is superb with, as the microphone is what 50% of its other Moitiers c which gives the preamp!

however ca'll be nice to have the two colors because the AU bocou and has a very vintage with medium and low mids very marqubr />
G long used a classic valve TL Audio C1 ke I thought too transparent but when I made my recoute I just marrone!

before finding the right microphone gt not super happy but cost me ca 1800 e opportunities for a U87 and since it's going bocoup mieu ... !

I do not know if I do it again this choice today because there are so many products, but double the price of preamp and it sounds like I have not found.

can be of the Drawmer 1960 (g I love the 1961!) but what I listen c its not the same at all

TUB g TECh not try any but it does not fawn DI
Avalon does not fit any

So I keep my UA:!