Numark TTX
Numark TTX

TTX, Turntable from Numark in the TT series.

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dj prozac 09/29/2004

Numark TTX : dj prozac's user review


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I tried it and ..... I am very disappointed !!!!!! the tone arm sucks (ca jumps all the time !)... no strobe (vazy rergler for speed !!!!). Keep your technics guys!!
nevertheless there are good innovations: very high pitch lcd ....
but is that the LCD screen will still be on a plate oprationnel ki ????( 3 years of life and also to change the vazy loupiotte ki's clear this screen !!!)----- ----> dtach live the spices easy to find!
each other and our good old mms K2 technics, there's no picture!! ke is not for nothing everyone has K2, even those are tjrs ki a cutting-edge technology! these TTX1, kan means that after having a night with, they return to the closet and give way to let rflchir irreplaceable MK2 ca!
(If it is a question of price, buy the K2 on 469 pice!)
Contents are pleased to hsitation!!