Stanton Magnetics STR8-150 New Look
Stanton Magnetics STR8-150 New Look

STR8-150 New Look, Turntable from Stanton Magnetics.

Mister Charlie 08/09/2006

Stanton Magnetics STR8-150 New Look : Mister Charlie's user review


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I must admit I'm impressed that table. In brief the pros and cons:

-The price. Even includes a 680HP cartridge.
-Plug and Play, it takes 3 seconds to install.
Out-Phono, Line and S / PDIF.
-No ground wire is a grounded 3 teeth (ie with ground) Please note there is a button to choose whether or not ground it.
-RCA stereo included, seem good. We can even detach them (Unlike SL1200)
Pitch-8%, 25%, 50%. Pitch Lock (on / off)
Reverse-button, which rotates the turntable in the opposite direction.
-2 Pots that allow you to choose the initial velocity and brake the board, from 0.2 sec to 6 sec.
-2 Start / stop buttons.
A white-LED light to illuminate the whole.
Do-14W comsomme that.
-Right arm fully adjustable: Libra, antiskate, height.

No-transportable, 16.4kg.
-Although there is no feedback when you type on the plate too well the spring on the needle. This is at least 2 to 3 times stronger than on a SL1200. The big point is boring.

If yavait way to fix the "feedback tapping" his is undoubtedly the perfect table.