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  • Reloop RP-2000 MK3

    Reloop RP-2000 MK3 - "Very good product for beginners!"


    I own two reloop RP 2000 turntables since January 2013, so it's a bit over a year now. They are my first turntables, which I bought together with a Reloop rmx 30 (3-channel) DJ mixer. The pros: I find this turntable very nice, people often tel…

  • American Audio TTD-2400

    American Audio TTD-2400 - "Just disappointed...!"


    I got very enthusiast when I found a solution to get a vinyl turntable with direct drive as my older unit had some problems with the belt. So, I decided to look for a direct drive unit. I found it from http://www.Thommann.de I liked it most for the…

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - "Good for beginners"


    I've been using it for almost a year. It's my first vinyl deck and I had never used one before. The pros: It's not expensive and it comes with a cartridge (it's an entry-level one, but it's okay to start out) The cons: Its weak torque, even…

  • Reloop RP-2000 MK3

    Reloop RP-2000 MK3 - "finally, broke down pitch and motor power" has images


    100% analog turntable MADE IN CHINA , broke down finally . Engine has no power at first ...pitch and speed circuit board does not respond correctly after 5 years…

  • Stanton Magnetics T.92 USB

    Stanton Magnetics T.92 USB - "Change the tempo without changing the pitch"


    The Stanton T.92 USB is a battle style turntable with a high torque motor. It does have a USB output and comes with all of the connections you need to get your sound out to your audio source or even your computer. The Stanton T.92 USB comes with an …

  • Numark TTXUSB

    Numark TTXUSB - "built tough"


    The Numark TTXUSB is a higher end USB turntable that over shines the previous models from Numark. The TTXUSB is way better built than any other USB turntables that have come out recently. It has a high torque direct drive. You can adjust the pitch, a…

  • Numark PT-01USB

    Numark PT-01USB - "Portable with a speaker on it"


    The Numark PT-01USB is similar to the TTUSB, it is the exact same price and virtually does the same thing. The main difference between the two is that the PT-01USB is more portable and has a more rugged structure to it. It does come with a cover ove…

  • Numark TTUSB

    Numark TTUSB - "Vinyl to computer via USB"


    The Numark TTUSB connects to your computer via USB, and it comes with everything you need right in the box to start transferring your vinyl to your computer. That is about the only reason someone would purchase this turntable because it is not really…

  • Numark PT01

    Numark PT01 - "Digging? Buy one of these!"


    The thing that you simply have to admire about this unit is it's simplicity, functionality and mobility. If you go out to dig for some vinyl you just have to get one of these. You can easily listen to the records and determine quickly how well (or no…

  • Stanton Magnetics STR8-80

    Stanton Magnetics STR8-80 - "Great For Scratching"


    The Stanton STR8-80 is a direct drive turntable (Meaning the platter is turned directly by a motor instead of by a belt). The STR8-80 Stanton's highest torque direct drive motor to date. 3 speeds - 33, 45, 78 RPM, Selectable pitch adjustment (± 8%, 1…