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winnie86 09/19/2011

Vestax PDX-D3S : winnie86's user review

«  Becane rather good! »

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I use it for 10 years!
I tried technics mk2, M5G; vestax pdx-d3; numark ttx ...
what I like most is the stability of the right arm with ASTS system (no antiskating so no wheel!) and its cast aluminum plate!
the least: it's vestax has handled with care if you do not want to b **** by their customer service! Moreover, they released so many models they have even this model of arms! (I wanted to fit in my old pdx-d3)
Vestax philosophy: if you break your vestax, do not fix it ... bought one!

bought a new time Outlet: great deal, has again without hesitation! (I found myself in this situation because I had broken the arm of one of my PDX-d3 and MH broadcast (sav vestax) asked me 250th system without the height adjustment!)

You should know that the weak point for me is the Vestax roll axis of the engine with time and travel has more game - the board makes vertical and shaking his head blown here reading .. . Well that's no problem with! Yet I trimbalée in England and across France ... it moves not my greatest happiness ... (unlike her old sisters pdx-d3)

I also have a Technics M5G and I may be crazy but you say I are complementary so that I mix with one of each!

The M5G is the best because it is technics (hit, robustness and ease of timing) without the defects of the mk2 (zero pitch and only 8 / 100)
The vestax has the super pitch, pitch bend, reverse, etc. .... and this model system particularly in the wake ASTS is good as it should!
As a mixer with 2 (+ mackie d4 + KAOSS PAD3 mixvibes + + MPD32) makes me an intense happiness at each session that I made my home and have nothing to envy to ROLLS CD players!

If you find one of OCCAZ, check the game of the motor shaft, with scratch to see if it has not lost its luster (rare model and outdated but well thought out!)
You should find a really cheap, but with performance vestax!
For if it is against a repair, go your way ... there are other decks!

I put him 8 / 10 for 10 years never a concern and always the same pleasure as the first day!