Tenson Ukulele
Tenson Ukulele

Ukulele, Ukulele from Tenson.

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xav011 09/14/2007

Tenson Ukulele : xav011's user review


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In agreement with the view Previous, the other two criticisms are STRID.


The handle? It does. The'accordage rings true and holds.
Weight: we do gure lighter.
Finishes: if, let's talk about it is impeccable.


It is a specially sound (arf arf), but it is a well-typed ukull. In two three agreements, in fact, traveling ... Well, in the treble do not expect miracles.


I bought it 40 is the current price. (It is found under 30 ...) I think prices report quality excellent. For beginners, the frankly that price should not be deprived.
This is a great little instrument trs endearing, beautiful look, not dsagrable use, fun (and more) cost.
Again, the report qualitprix is ​​bluffing.
All agree: we do not spit in the soup.