Tenson Ukulele
Tenson Ukulele

Ukulele, Ukulele from Tenson.

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Boogie Bass Pamphile 01/05/2007

Tenson Ukulele : Boogie Bass Pamphile's user review


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Soprano ukulele standard, offered by my girlfriend for Christmas, he is unjustly taken full geule with the two previous opinions, only the one posted under "Tenson ukulele soprano" looks favorable, then I too support this small instrument not so cheap than that. At the wood is Mahogany and Nato, 17 frets, nut plastic, black nylon strings.


At first the tuning requires time to adapt to the exotic timbre but nothing insurmountable that a minimum of ear.
The varnish is fun, dams seem well made, nothing to report except some glue that drool.
In terms of gameplay it is very fast to the small handle and can be sent in a very short time a "good night ladies" when you master some basic agreements.
Nothing to spit in the soup what!


Typical! is the least we can say what you expected from a uke?
Twang twang his banjo like a guitar crossed with Peru, from the agreements is premiuers palm vahinées, surfin 'States.


I learned to play one day, the corny is docile, probably cheap, so why spit in the soup? : Of course it's not a uke National, a Martin, a Fluke or anything, but happy to not end up with a Flamingo in a plastic or tortoise shell licensed by the WWF. At that price it's the fantasy Hawaiian at hand, a little palm tree in the month of January, aloirs I admit, I'm not going to do with my life, but in the meantime to slam over the 1000th for m ' buy a Dobro, this small Tenson is a good way to set foot on the plate of pineapple ... What you ask for?