Tenson Ukulele Soprano
Tenson Ukulele Soprano

Ukulele Soprano, Ukulele from Tenson.

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Mi(ni)me 11/11/2008

Tenson Ukulele Soprano : Mi(ni)me's user review


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- Completely in Linden.
- Tailpiece: Rosewood
- Plastic nut (width: 36mm).
- Rosewood fingerboard with small included the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th box.
- Nylon strings.
- Varnished Natural Mat.
- Total length: 54 cm.
- Scale: 345 mm.
- 17 boxes.

30 Pay on the Internet.


The handle is enjoyable, though the key is a bit jaded on cots.
The body is ultra lightweight, the head and handle are heavier.
If you want a more well Submitted drawing, you must use a prfrer mdiator.


Defines the treble are ill, you should play on the top of the neck or the sound is much more Submitted. The strings do not stay perfect agreement (R-Mi-Sol-La), but I do not have too much problem. Agreements sound good. The key is a bit jaded on cots, as if she had served dj. Mcaniques me and looked a little questionable but so far no problem.


Overall, this is a small instrument plutt very nice (the limit of the toy) to start a little fun in the world of ukull. If you or your adult you have fairly large fingers, prfrez ukull tnor or a baritone. Here ukull sizes (from smallest to largest): soprano, concert, tnor, baritone.

If you want to make heavy use and seriousness, type in a higher price range (made ukull ovation acoustic electric for about 220).