Akai Professional EIE Pro : Anonymous 's user review

«  Not disappointed ... »

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Purchased, at first, to be able to properly register and begin Music without it costing me an arm (limited budget). Assuring me, also, honorable and satisfactory quality to my ears.
In a second step: the ability to insert four instruments / mics and record at the same time. Option that made me buy the Roland UA55 concurence Quad capture ..
In a third step: the possibility, later adding other devices through ports noon, HUB and insert entries.
For now I just use: bass / guitar / drums (stereo) or bass, guitar / drum (mono) / microphone singing live ... And as for me and exercise alone save for the bass or guitar , of course ...
My config if the current is small and veillissante, but it does:
Asus K50C with Windows 7, CPU Intel C220 1.2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive


In use, the original supplied drivers are stable and I do not need to perform updates while the latter is available on the Akai.

As a beginner, I use Reaper and Studio One 2 demo for the moment. Because it is these that I "speak" as well as the Akai is supplied with Cubase and Live ...
Anyway ... Whether one or the other, no worries for the recording and playback of four tracks simultaneously heard ... No latency for me.


No problem with the installation, interface recognized immediately. No incompatibilities. Easy setup and the manual is clear enough. At the limit, you can almost do without ...


I use it for three months and it satisfies the inexperienced I am. I will publish my opinion in the year to bring back more "supported".

The +:
- Nice retro look
- Easy to understand
- An example of my appreciation:
recording in a friend homestudiste: my bass => comp EBS => Radial JDI DI => Audient Mico preamp => Focusrite interface (model?) => Ableton Live compared with a recording of my bass => comp EBS => Akai EIA pro => Reaper or Studio One 2: Same sound, in the end (to my ears) ... And no treatment in addition ...

The -: with time, I will find out maybe ...

The price / quality ratio is very good. Maybe I remake this choice, growing can be difficult: P .... I finally good, I am very satisfied with my small investment ... To be continued ...