leraymur 01/17/2014

Akai Professional EIE Pro : leraymur's user review

«  Akai EIE Pro on Mac »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The Akai EIE Pro audio interface and a good product, cheap, I use an Akai EWI with Axiom 25 and controlled by Ableton Live on a MacBook Pro.
All in rehearsal and live until recently gave very good results ...


Since the release of Mac OSX 10.9, Akai has not been able to provide updated drivers. The EIE Pro is no longer recognized by the system!
Fortunately, Live always recognized, but it is no longer possible to broadcast live the sound of the EIA Mac ...


Incompatibility with OSX Mavericks


Very good product ... if you work on something other than recent or updated Mac!