citron69 03/03/2014

Akai Professional EIE Pro : citron69's user review

«  Clean and tidy »

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Four inputs, four outputs. It does not replace a mixer but for me, it saves a mix plus two inputs (with the possibility to choose the type analog input: line / mic (with or without phantom power) / guitar.


ASIO drivers stable, low latency.


Installation (PC win7) is very simple.
The manual could be a little more substantial


I had a recurring problem with my previous cards: I always had digital noise PC that ended more or less polluting my recordings ... a PC that pollutes a lot electromagnetic level ... it pollutes the USB by the power supply, ground loops that radiates. In short, tired of hearing the gruibbbllee and scchhhtric ...

No such problems with the EIA! I think Akai has paid particular attention the analog part of their interface.