Art USB Dual Tube Pre
Art USB Dual Tube Pre

USB Dual Tube Pre, USB audio interface from Art.

public price: $189 VAT
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ART USB Dual Tube Pre

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ART releases a two-channel tube preamp that is also a USB audio interface.

The new USB Dual Tube Pre allows direct connection of a microphone, instrument, or line level source to your computer via USB 2.0 or S/PDIF input.


The design of the ART USB Dual Tube Pre makes it an audio solution for mobile recording applications or for desktop studios. It offers independently controlled high pass filters, phase inversion, gain and lever controls per channel. An advanced two channel switchable opto-compressor circuit is designed to prevent overload at the input, and deliver "added warmth and character to recorded tracks."


Additional S/PDIF output is selectable between 44.1k and 48k sample rates, making the USB Dual Tube Pre a potential companion two-channel expander to digital recording hardware with S/PDIF I/O.


USB Dual Tube Pre Feature List

  • Two channel Tube based Mic/Instrument preamp computer interface
  • Variable input and output controls
  • Optical output compressor to simplify recording and prevent overload
  • Balanced XLR for lo-Z applications and 1/4-inch hi-Z inputs for instrument DI applications
  • Selectable Dual or Stereo operation of output controls
  • Switch selectable Inserts on each channel
  • Insert jacks provide a preamp direct out for each channel
  • Stereo/ Dual operation of Optical Compressor
  • Mono switch for single input monitoring
  • S/PDIF Sample Rate switch selectable between 44.1K and 48K
  • LED metering of both the preamp and A/D sections
  • Built-in +48 Volt phantom power supply
  • Stackable aluminum chassis



MSRP USA – $189.00USD


Visit USBDualTubePre for more details.

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