Digidesign Mbox
Digidesign Mbox

Mbox, USB audio interface from Digidesign.

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Rapfan 01/30/2014

Digidesign Mbox : Rapfan's user review

«  A sound card that does its job! »

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Technical characteristics that have motivated my choice were the two XLR inputs, the headphone input 6.5 in the rear and normal to the front!
But especially the fact that it is a USB sound card! Obviously and 48v phantom power
I use it with my microphone and my computer just!

I have a really normal computer, I have not anything to boast about!
Windows 7 64bit / 4GB RAM / Cpu 2.1GHz


I use Cubase and Audacity.
"How many tracks you get record / playback simultaneously? ..."
yet I never had to use it much because I have not really great project to use it!

PLUS drivers are updated!
I have a very good input latency and output latency normal!


The installation is done with lots and lots of problems especially on Windows 7 64 bit!
It's really a lot of work to succeed in finding the right drivers!
Those who expect to buy it, I warn you: YOU WILL galleys.

"The general configuration is easy?"
Yes, normal!

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

"The manual is clear and sufficient? ..."
It explains 70% say things to know.


"How long have you use it?"
Since I bought it!

"Have you tried many other models before buying it?"

"What is so special that you like most and least?" "
Cons: difficult to install
The +: Quality and ease of use after installing

With experience:
I do not know if I have enough money to pay me another, so I will not repeat!