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Edirol UA-20
Edirol UA-20

USB audio interface from Edirol belonging to the UA series

Thread Edirol UA-20 Terrible Trouble!

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1 Edirol UA-20 Terrible Trouble!
I run my Alesis Mk1 Active Mk2 studio monitors through a SM pro Audio IN5 rackmixer. I connect my Edirol UA-20 soundcard to the Phono1 input of my mixer and the monitors through the balanced master outputs of the mixer. Everything should be allright in theory here, but when i play any sound from my laptop It's ALLWAYS wayyy too much bass!!

The sound itself seems pretty destroyed.. A little distorted, way too much bass and nothing near good...! I've tried to play high quality CD's trough the laptop as well as high quality Mp3 files and wav files & midi instruments through Ableton live.

Whatever goes through the soundcard and out to the monitors gets destroyed... A very strange thing is that if i connect my headphones to the headphone output of the soundcard it sounds all good. No problems there...

And It cant be the speakers either since I play CD's through an external CD player connected to the mixer and out to the speakers... And it sounds all good. And then I would say the mixer is excluded from being the problem aswell.....

So i tried to make changes in the Driver settings of the soundcard but there arent that many choises and nothing seems to help... I've had the soundcard for about two years but never tested it on speakers before...

Please help!!!!