Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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U-25 w/ Cakewalk LE


Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson
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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 08/08/2006 at 02:13:14
I've tried everyinth in manuals, I even stripped the system and tried again. But my cakewalk program is not receiving information from interface. It worked before. but ntot now. I've tried isablinh the souncard that came with the computer and I've tried setting everythng to the U-25. I dont know what the problem is and I wish I was so out o it then I ould type better and tell you more for your diagnostics puposes.

Yes the defaults are the U-25
Yes the track is arme
No The indicatior bar does not come to life.
Yes the ccorrect sound car has been selected
Yes I'm using a Dell Inspiron 710M wth XP
Yes my default sound card is SigmaTel Audio
Yes the Microphone is turned on
Yes the U-26 is turned on.
Yes all the knobs on the posterior face of the U-25 are turend to mid range
Yes I can hear the mic output through U-25 output into head phones
Yes Advance mode is on.
Yes I've tried reinstalling both th U-25 and the SonarLE
Yes I've troed se;ecting evey combination of inputs and out-puts on the track.

I don't knpw what I'm doing wrong, I'm missing something, and I've spent ALL DAY I kid you not, 13 HOUR trying to work out the gimmivks myself and going from teck site to tech geek to hand book back and forth and its dribing me nuts.
I hav all these instruments sitting here the I need have in a ready and record state and BWAAAAA nothing. I havn't even moved on to trying to hook up the MIDI in/out puts for the M5 frum module cause I can't even get a microphone to register.

It worked before.....help me please!

Or even if you know some eek swuad I could call, even if I have to pay I dont care! I need this crap to work!


;) -Andy - Like the Guy. But not.


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2 Posted on 08/08/2006 at 09:39:40
What audio drivers are you using in Cakewalk? Look in Options > Audio, then check out the various tabs.


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3 Posted on 05/19/2009 at 22:52:14
Yes, I agree.....check that you have selected a suitable driver.....asio for example....that should work. in cakewalk....options>audio> select driver
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