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Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

USB audio interface from Edirol belonging to the UA series

Thread Edirol UA-25 - PT9 - MBox - Sample Rate/clock issues

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1 Edirol UA-25 - PT9 - MBox - Sample Rate/clock issues
Hello there,

Having some funny problems, I believe to do with sample rates and/or clock.

I recently ran into trouble with the pres on my old MBox 2 Mini, so I have borrowed a separate interface off a friend to do some recording. it is an Edirol UA-25. Bock the MBox and the Edirol connect via USB.

Some background: after installing the drivers, I attempted to open a session at 44.1KHz to no avail (although this Edirol is ostensibly capable of record/playback at 44.1, 48 and 96). So I started a separate one at 48KHz, recorded what I needed, then switched back to the MBox, opened the original 44.1KHz session, and imported and converted the 48KHz files - a nightmare, basically!

NOW - the big problem - anything I play with the MBox (or even just through the computer speakers, without any interface) is liable to work for a short while, then to just 'click' or 'pop' (through the speakers), and then I find there is no more audio. As though the sample rate has changed, or something is wrong with the clock. Rather irritating - I then have to close the session, and re-open. And then it might work for only a couple of minutes, before popping again, and no more audio. It does keep playing back of course, just no sound. I've never had this problem until I plugged this Edirol thing into the computer.

It is definitely not a speaker problem.

Perhaps I need to uninstall the Edirol drivers...?

Or could it be a bug somewhere?

If anyone has any ideas, would be very appreciative!!

I am using a Macbook Pro, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 ram. PT 9.0.3 (have downloaded the upgrades, but prior to this I've been having no PT problems so I am loathe to install updates - don't fix it if it ain't broke...). MBox 2 Mini, Edirol UA-25, Digi 003. Using Lacie Rugged external drives.