Edirol UA-25
Edirol UA-25

UA-25, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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Cpierredon 06/26/2005

Edirol UA-25 : Cpierredon's user review


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U ride on Audiofanzine to see the reviews, and my choice seemed to focus on the sound card drivers to the stable, what mattered above all.
I use it for live concert or any crash is permissible.
it is connected to a Dell 510 via a USB2.0 PCMCIA card because the dell is suffering from a problem on its dcroche the USB hardware on the port after a while. With the card, no problem.


Installation was made of fawn classic. But on my laptop, no way to run the MIDI interface.
Advences same position, nothing. So I tried on my desktop. T he works without problem. A Premire view, it should be a conflict with another Roland drivers I use, srial an output for an expander. Otherwise, I see it, but I dig ....

It is a pain in the ass to have to restart the sound card to change frequency drives to chantillonage during the CANCEIS, it is better vrifier to Get You Started rglages before the computer, otherwise redmarrage is still the best.

The manual is lightweight, and English, we had Edirol abitu better.


The drivers seem stable. In Sonar 4, 9ms in VST, 12 ms and 30 ms in WDM MME.
This is version 1.0. may be a future version MIDI solve the problem??

the number of prste I use for my application is limited (no more than 8), so no opinion on this point, with 8 tracks, no BLME.


I like its construction in alluvial, its output 4 dB, the limiter in between.
weird noise is heard when using the microphones pramplis empty, thankfully disappeared when connecting a microphone. weakness in the diet??
the sound is trs good, no complaints, even in 16 bits.
It nssssite to have a good usb port, if necessary, a team Do not hesitate to your hardware with a USB port ddi you will not regret it. Avoid HUBS (berk!).

The ratio quality price is honorable, nothing more, but I confaince in hardware.
I do not regret this purchase.